Julia Arredondo

Julia Arredondo

Liz Mason

Liz mason

Kofi Bazzell-Smith

Alex Nall cartoon

Alex Nall

No Pants Revolution cover

Andrea Pearson



Champaign Chinese

Champaign Chinese Magazine

Andi Santagata books

Andi Santagata

cartoon cow

Cow House Press

Ritual Scars cover

Michael Allen Rose

Hunter Overture and Poison Magic books

Joshua D. Sanders

Z Snyder

Z Macabre

Will Arnold with a risograph press

Work Press & Publication

Meekling Press covers

Meekling Press

Crows on a Line cover

CU Poetry Group


Mary Widdicks

Dodo covers

Grant Thomas

Libby Pettett


Chicago Gets 4 Stars Zine cover

Joe Mason

Montage Magazine cover

Montage Magazine

Fox illustration from a zine

Aim Ren Beland

Ninth Letter

Julia Arredondo (Chicago, IL)

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Julia Arredondo is an artist entrepreneur who has recently concluded her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Originally from Corpus Christi, TX; Julia is heavily influenced by the small, family-based businesses she grew up around. Formally trained in printmaking and specializing in artistic forms of independent publishing, Julia founded Vice Versa Press and Curandera Press as her entrepreneurial debuts. Julia recently launched media entities, QTVC Live! and COVIDtv, which are now on hiatus.

Liz Mason (Chicago, IL)

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Liz Mason has been self-publishing for over twenty years. Recent published works include Caboose #12 and Cul-de-sac #8. Her work has also been published in such publications as Broken Pencil, Punk Planet, The Zine Yearbook, The Chicago Tribune, Third Coast Review and more. Currently, she is the manager of Quimby’s Bookstore, home of wild and weird reading material in Chicago, where she has worked since 2001. She once appeared on the reality show Starting Over to provide instruction on publishing zines, which NBC executives referred to as “pamphlets,” as if they were Marxist propaganda.

Kofi Bazzell-Smith (Champaign, IL)

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Kofi Bazzell-Smith is an artist and competitive boxer. A U.S.-Japan Bridging Scholar, he has studied manga in Japan and teaches lectures and workshops on manga storytelling and techniques. His goals are to increase Black representation in the form and to build international bridges

Alex Nall (Chicago, IL)

Alex Nall is a cartoonist. His books include 'Teaching Comics', 'Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours', 'Lawns', and the forthcoming 'Kids With Guns'. He lives in Chicago.

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Champaign Chinese Magazine (Champaign, IL)

Champaign Chinese Magazine, a bilingual journal with three decades of history, devotes itself to the maintenance and promotion of cultural diversity and understanding. The journal publishes in traditional and simplified Chinese as well as English, through both internet new media and traditional paper edition. Currently our readers/audience are from 50 countries or regions all over the world.

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Andi Santagata (White River Junction, VT)

Hi, I'm Andi! I'm a cartoonist based in Vermont who grew up in Southeast Asia and the Southwestern US, making horror/horror-comedy/YA comics for angsty teens and nostalgic adults.

Andrea Pearson (Chicago, IL)

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Andrea Pearson is a comics artist from Chicago, IL. She writes and draws an autobiographical comic zine series titled “No Pants Revolution”. You can view more of her comics and scribbles on her Instagram.

is PRESS (Denver, CO)

is PRESS is a Denver publishing press and studio space. is PRESS publishes short run art books and zines documenting urban art and conceptual time-based art that explores the nexus of art and everyday life. is PRESS also produces limited edition prints by the artists we publish. is PRESS art books and zines deploy a sophisticated design aesthetic and high quality DIY printing, often featuring letterpress (with screenprinting and risography done by our Chicago sister press Flatlands Press | flatlandspress.com). is PRESS also distros art books, zines, patches, and prints featuring graphic art, urban art, street art, urban photography, and graffiti. is PRESS is the press of The Institute of Sociometry sociometry.com

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Joshua D. Sanders (Champaign, IL)

Josh was born to Central Illinois where he wrote stories as a child to fill the space between corn fields. He now writes multiple series in the same universe because he can't do anything the simple way.

Queer horror author and "fauxtographer"

Z Macabre (Urbana, IL)

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Michael Allen Rose

Michael Allen Rose is a Chicago based author, musician and performer. He has published several bizarro, horror and comic novels with various presses, been in a few anthologies, and also makes industrial music under the name Flood Damage. He has a Patreon which provides subscribers with a new zine or chapbook every month. He loves cats, good tea, great food, and his partner Sauda with whom he poses nude for art classes and performs burlesque with for money, not unlike some kind of poorly trained monkey. He is the host of the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown each year at Bizarro Con in Portland, Oregon, and is involved in many shenanigans. Find out more at www.gerbilprobe.com

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Cow House Press (Chicago, IL)

Cow House Press grew out of a shared love of warm paper fresh from the printer, smudged ink, and wonky staples. We are an indie publisher based in Chicago making comics, zines, books, and lots of cow puns. We support emerging voices and a diverse range of creators from marginalized backgrounds. Our books are all-ages because young readers deserve complex stories that represent their multitudes in all it’s strange, ugly, funny, weird glory.

Mary Widdicks (Champaign, IL)

Mary Widdicks is a former psychologist turned novelist, freelance journalist, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belt. Her writing has been published in The Washington Post, Undark Magazine, Quartz, Elemental, Vox, X-R-A-Y Lit Magazine, and more. Her debut thriller series, The Mermaid Asylum, is available on Amazon. Raised near Portland, Oregon, Mary now lives in central Illinois where the tallest things for miles are the corn and the tales people have to make up to convince anyone to live there in the winter. She shares a perpetually shrinking house with her three kids, three dogs, and two cats, and has no excuse for any of it. 

Work Press & Publication (Champaign, IL)

Will Arnold received his MFA in Photography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He currently lives and works in Champaign, IL where he manages the student labs and studios at the School of Art + Design. Will co-runs Work Press & Publication, a Risograph-based zine and artist book self-publishing venture, with Tate Foley. In recent years, Will’s practice has primarily focused on zines, comics, and artist books. Through photography, collage, and delving into and remixing historical comics, he explores themes such as landscape, epistemology, memory, and the construction of gender norms.

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Meekling Press (Chicago, IL)

Meekling Press is a small publisher, printer, and community arts organization in Chicago. We are a low-scale and DIT (Do It Together!) press, with a 100-year-old letterpress at the center of our operations. We are as delighted to publish a single sentence as we are in publishing a novel-length work. What matters is language, playfulness, openness to the encounter, the way the work creates a space that’s very much its own. In this way we envision the process of bookmaking as a way to wed words and form, of creating a physical space where the book is not just a repository or vehicle for words but instead is considered essential to the work.

CU Poetry Crows on a Line (Champaign-Urbana, IL)

Located in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, the CU Poetry Group is committed to building community and strong individual voices through the power and practice of poetry.

Grant Thomas (Champaign, IL)

Grant Thomas is an art teacher and cartoonist. He lives in Champaign, Illinois with his wife and two daughters. Grant’s comics are made in his limited spare time- squeezed in before daybreak and on weekends while his children nap. A few of his comics have appeared in the Eisner nominated Abstract Comics: The Anthology edited by Andrei Molotiu (Fantagraphics, 2009). He also managed to make his Masters Thesis into a comic book and it will be published this summer in Visual Arts Research Volume 38 Number 1 (University of Illinois Press).

Hindsight (Chicago, IL)

I create autobiographical comics that explore queerness and compulsory heterosexuality. I am a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Chicago, IL. I am also a 2nd year art educator at Chicago Public Schools, where I teach elementary art to PK-8th grade students. I am fascinated with identity formation and childhood development because of how it sets a mold in which we grow into throughout the course of our lives.

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Ninth Letter (Champaign, IL)

Jodee Stanley is the editor of Ninth Letter, the literary arts journal published by the Creative Writing Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Chicago Gets 4 Stars (Chicago, IL)

You may know punk rock renaissance man Joe Mason's work from SteampunkChicago.com or his Sightseeing column that appeared the Chicago Reader. Maybe you’ve read his history zine Chicago Gets 4 Stars. Maybe you've seen him perform in bands like the White City Rippers, The Blue Ribbon Glee Club or Recent Photo. As a licensed barber, he can also cut your hair.

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Aim Ren Beland (Chicago, IL)

Aim Ren Beland is a trans storyteller currently located in Chicago.

Montage Arts Journal is a student run journal from the University of Illinois that features students artists of all types. They publish a physcial copy every year, with their digital archive available for free. Feel encrouaged to submit upt to 3,000 words of prose, 300 lines of poetry, or 10 images if you are a student, or to check out their newest edition coming this spring!

Montage Journal (Champaign, IL)

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